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“Our vision is to be the first and best choice in Mobile and Enterprise solutions company in the Asia Pacific Region.”

  • High Performance
    • We strongly adhere to quality
    • We have an in-house dedicated quality assurance team
    • We have continuous training and exposure to the latest IT technologies
    • We make sure we understand our clients language so we can meet their expectations
  • Rapid Development
    • We have a platform that allows our Development team to develop enterprise and mobile applications faster and better.
    • We build powerful system and application fast and enhance them even faster
  • Cost Less
    • Our high performance agile methodology allows fixed cost projects to be developed in an agile environment
    • Our development platform supports broad and complex lifecycles, enabling a continuous delivery process the moment we start your project. We help you control costs by making it easy to manage and update your application and system as it is to deploy it


  • Mobile Social Commerce
  • POS
  • Augmented Reality
  • Content Management Systems
  • Mobile Apps Platform
  • React Box
  • Interact
  • Integrated Hardware Sensors
  • Enterprise Apps Platform

Mobile Social Commerce

My Marketboost understands what you need out of a high-profit online store such as great looks, responsiveness to devices, ease of product browsing, fast site loading times, backend performance and the ability to make updates. Every second that it takes for your site to load costs you money, so we work hard to create web stores that display quickly and correctly across every device and type of browser.


Sell anywhere with My Marketboost’s POS. A Point of Sale system that fits the palm of your hand, and accepts payments anywhere. My Marketboost’s POS will level up your business easily.

Augmented Reality

Create engaging experiences for your customers with My Marketboost’s Augmented Reality (AR) apps. Our Augmented Reality apps encourage your market to use their devices to see and avail your awesome and exciting deals.

Content Management Systems

My Marketboost brings together business intelligence, data management and architecture, and portal development to improve business performance through our customized content management systems.

Mobile Apps Platform

Mobile Application

Do you have an APP idea that you want to come to life?  We specialize in Mobile Application Software Development for Android, iOs, or Windows Mobile Devices.  You provide the concept, we will execute the design and development, all the way to deployment.

  • Development Tools
    • Native Development
      • Android, IOS, Blackberry, Windows Phone
    • Hybrid Apps using Cordova
      • CLI, Eclipse, Xcode, VI Editor
    • Backend Tools
      • Customized PHP, Amazon Web Services, DreamFactory, Humhub

React Box

An integrated online and offline audience response system that can be used during events, trainings and seminars to get the feedback of participants thru their mobile devices.

REACT can work either online or offline thru our REACT BOX Audience Response System.


Boost Box is a multi-feature Content System Platform which allows you to control your entire digital signage network from any web browser at any location.  Boost Box also allows you to manage your content locally and can function as similar to that of intranet.  Boost Box can also be used as an Audience Response System ideal for polls and surveys.

  • Digital Signage Platform
    • Cloud Hosted Option
    • Self-Hosted, On-Premise Server Option
    • Digital Signage Opportunities
  • Offline Content Platform
  • Audience Response System

Integrated Hardware Sensors

  • MarketBoost’ box with sensor counting.
  • A setup box with a sensor attached that counts the number of people that passed thru it.
  • It can be connected on doors, indoor ads, waiting sheds and even on interactive screens.

Enterprise Apps Platform

  • Hospital Information Management Solution
    • Patient Administration System, Inpatient Management, Outpatient Management, Medical Record Archive, Emergency Department Management, Surgery Management System, Accounting and Invoicing, Hospital Management Dashboards, Radiology Information
  • School Information Management System
    • Registration and Accounting, User Management, Modules Management
  • Sales and Inventory Management
  • Human Resource Information System
    • HR + Payroll, Web –based HRIS, DTR, PAYROLL
  • Asset Management System
  • Software Customization

About Us

When mobile commerce meets social commerce, e-commerce platforms as we know them are transformed into powerful tools that not only support an organization's business strategy, but also provide its customers with the features and convenience they have come to expect from online transactions. We call this mobile social commerce.

Marketboost started out as a mobile social commerce platform born out of the partnership of Bootstrap Digital & Tech Ventures Inc. and United Neon Advertising Inc.

The synergy of digital media technologies and advertising expertise has created a unique mix of experience in strategically integrating out-of-home advertising and mobile platforms that fit the needs of a largely tech-savvy market.

Marketboost has evolved as the Mobile Application Development and Enterprise Business Solutions arm of United Neon Group of Companies combining the 14 years of experience of the Mobile App Development team and more than 10 years of experience of the Enterprise Business Solutions team.

We deliver solutions that empower today’s leading organizations to compete in mobile time by rapidly delivering multi-edge mobile apps across the broadest array of devices and systems, today and in the future.

Despite the challenges of today’s rapidly changing environments, the right enterprise solution technologies can help businesses and governments drive growth and performance, improve the customer experience, and manage risk. Our technology platforms and innovative solutions work together to give digital enterprises a competitive advantage.

With Marketboost, organizations can focus on business strategy and opportunities. We've got the technology covered.

Core Values

  •  Responsive
  •  Integrity
  •  Service
  •  Excellence


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